I Am

I am God also, and so Are You!

Like many others, I am an angel who has been sleeping up to this lifetime… All of the sudden, I opened my eyes and I saw, I felt the beauty of the world. Not only of this world, but of the outer world as well. So, I decided I wake up.

As a child, there were often times when I felt the urge to go back Home. At the time I did not know what Home means, but I used to talk a lot to myself and the one that I thought was God. However, after a while I decided not to mention these conversations to anyone because I realized no one understands. But I always felt God right next to me. Later I realized it was not an outside God but the inner God, my Soul, the seed of Godliness that we all carry inside who was telling me: wake up, let’s start this amazing adventure of becoming who you really are!

I have chosen to accept the challenges of this time of integration and enlightenment. I have chosen to release all the things that did not serve me anymore and go beyond my limitations. I have chosen to live rather than survive. I have chosen to be a free divine human, a creator.

It’s amazing to see how the energies of the Universe are always ready to serve you when you truly choose something for yourself! 

In 1996 I discovered “by accident” Qigong and Master Lin Kai Ting. I was a passionate participant in the classes and summer camps, being fascinated by Masters’ wisdom and personality. My favorite part? The meditations, of course! The last chapter of my enlightenment story started with the great experiences I lived at those times.

In the late ’90s while reading Conversations with God by N.D. Walsch, I was stunned and thrilled to discover I was not the only one experiencing this kind of things! Somewhere out there, other people were going on a similar path, having comparable experiences.

As a result of my authentic, irreversible choice of becoming All that I Am, I have been through a lot of amazing, not necessarily easy, experiences. It is not always easy to confront your inner demons/aspects, to take decisions and make choices only for yourself, to stop pleasing others, to stop saving the world, to fearless accept that everything is perfect just the way it is, to trust the God within, to start love, respect and trust yourself.

To do this almost alone and not being able to share the experiences with the loved ones simply because they don’t understand, it’s not always comfortable, but most definitely it is beautiful and rewarding beyond words. Actually, I was never alone. My Soul has been always with me on the path. The God within has been the best teacher and guide I could ever had.

Discovering Crimson Circle and Tobias as channeled by Geoffrey Hoppe in 2004 was like an “Encounter of the Third Kind” to me!
Oh, those were grand times of remembering, discovering and experiencing! Interdimensional travels, channeling entities from the Crimson Council (Metatron, my favorite), deep aspects integration, and profound understandings are just a few to mention. The words cannot express the magnificence of everything that happens on the way to enlightenment.

As most of my challenges were intuitively surpassed, throughout the years, Tobias’ channels confirmed that my intuition worked perfectly and gave me the most appropriate answers and solutions. I also learnt from him about the new energy and the new consciousness.

All along my journey I’ve met wonderful people that accompanied me on the Path just as long as it was necessary. People got in and out of my life and each one of them had an important part in my play. Every one provided me that specific “something” that I needed at the time, in order to get Here, Now, to I Am.

And so, day by day, my inner transformation continues and my consciousness evolves to the point when everything happens by itself. And so much more is yet to come

Even now, after all these years, I am astounded to discover how blessed I was, I am, for giving myself so many helpful gifts to ease my extraordinary journey.

Tobias also reminded me about the natural, conscious breath and I practiced it the way I felt it, but later on, meeting Norma Delaney allowed me to take the conscious breathing to a different, higher level. Andrei, my partner, is another human angel that has been an inestimable teacher for me just by being present in my life.

The beginning of 2013 (what an year!) mark the start of the last stage in my Becoming process.
As many others engaged on a spiritual path I knew and talked about the new energy era, even had glimpses of new energy, yet nothing extraordinary happened until a certain moment, in February, 2013 when everything changed.

I definitively entered into the land of New and New Energy!

In that moment, the greatness of the energy and the joy I felt were amazingly powerful. There was also something else, something I haven’t felt for many years now: the enthusiasm, the passion, the effervescence of something new, of  The New ! Not an old New, but a new New…. The New is here and I am not talking only about the New Energy, but about All that Is.

Since that moment, The New, the New Energy and I have started a wonderful relationship.
Although having lots of experience when it comes for change and transformation, these last ones manifest differently.
The influx of information, the originality of this knowledge, the practice I was encouraged to do every day, really change my inner reality, my entire being.
“I Am” changes and the Source, God itself and the Creation, all change along. The beauty is that I am not the only one, because You and I, We all are the New Energy, We all are the New!

I thank and I am grateful to all human and non human angels I’ve encountered throughout my life, while my deepest feelings of gratitude go towards my Soul, my Essence, for choosing this path for us all and also towards my human self for I allow manifesting our passion here, on Earth.
The passion to boldly extend my consciousness to discover and explore new realms and to open up new Paths for me and for everyone else is ready and willing to dive into the experience.
It is indeed the most precious gift I gifted myself with, I couldn’t ask for a more extraordinary life. My life, my journey is perfect exactly as it is.
There are many people on Earth right now who are going through similar experiences and would really welcome some guidance and support. For many years I share the gift of natural, conscious Breath, and now of the New and New Energy together with my experience, in the deepest love and consideration for those who have chosen a new and different life, a life in the New Energy.