My Offer

Private Sessions

Are you tired to struggle with your life, your body or mind with almost no results? Are you tired to look everywhere for answers and solutions and find nothing? Are you tired of control, old belief systems… more

Guide in the Other World

Due to my experience, I know this transition might be very challenging, particularly lonely and discomforting for anyone. What happens in these realms varies, depending on one’s beliefs, relationship with… more


Conscious Breath Workshops

Conscious Breath is natural and serves to fully balance the body, mind and spirit/soul. Breath is the bridge between soul and body, human and divine, visible and invisible. When the breath is not flowing… more

Crimson Circle Workshops

I invite you to attend Tobias’ Sexual Energies School si Adamus St. Germain’s Dreamwalker Death School, two of the most profound and challenging classes offered by Crimson Council/Circle… more

Training Programs

Along with my partners I present Conscious Breath and Crimson Circle Teacher Training classes. People wake up and they need guidance. It’s time to move on and be a guide, a teacher to those who look for… more