Conscious Breath Workshops

And now it begins… A new era, the New Energy and Consciousness Era! The “I AM” Era!

On September 18, 2007 an unprecedented Quantum Leap has occurred in Human consciousness and beyond it. This leap allows the New created Energy to express and manifest on Earth, in our reality.

The New Energy cannot be limited by any definition however it is not at all similar with the old energy of duality we all live in. One cannot measure or quantify it. It does not have vibration, it is not linear and it is not working in patterns. Nevertheless, the New Energy is available to every human who chooses to create and use it. It is the energy of true freedom. It is exponential and contains great potentials for change It is expression, experience, expansion and enlightenment. It is pure consciousness. New Consciousness.

The energies of each workshop are unique, defined by the participants and specific for every Now moment.
The workshops are interactive and include extended breathing sessions.
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Master your Aspects – Integration through Conscious Breath is a natural process that requires complete Self honesty, responsibility, Self acceptance, understanding, compassion and Self trust.

What are Aspects? Aspects are sub-identities of your Self.

We create Aspects to experience and manage our lives. An aspect represents a certain part of you, for example the parent, the child, the spouse, the artist or the business person, the healer, the spiritual human, but also past life identities, certain talents and abilities. Even your body and your mind are Aspects.
Each human has thousands and thousands of Aspects that get in and out of our consciousness, of our day-to-day life to serve us or, on the contrary, to take control over us. All of them are just manifestations of the old energy of duality.

Are you afraid or ashamed to  sometimes express your feelings or opinions? Would you like to start doing something new but you have doubts that it will work? Do you like what you do? Are you afraid of failure? Do you allow others to make choices and decisions for you? Have you ever had such a powerful emotional reaction to a certain issue that you couldn’t even recognize yourself ? No matter the emotion (rage, fear, anxiety, etc) have you ever thought: “This is not me, this is not who I am! I don’t know what happened, what got into me!”.

Well…. nothing got into you, actually something got out of you! Due to a certain context in the moment, one of your aspects just surfaced and expressed itself. This is just a typical manifestation of an aspect and a sign of an inner energy imbalance, most probably caused by an old, traumatizing, experience.
Aspects run and distort your behavior, emotions, decisions and choices, make you believe that: “This is me; this is who I am and this is my personality, my nature. I could not change myself, even if I tried!”

Oh no, this is not who you really are and  yes, you can transform! The only question is: How much do you really want to make a true difference in your life?  Is there a solution?

Despite many words and actions (control, releasing and transformation) used by most metaphysicians and new age fans, the only appropriate solution for us, the key, the core of the ascension /enlightenment process for us, the divine humans, is Integration – bringing back the aspects into our essence, into our Soul.

You might ask, why? Because aspects are part of You, they carry a piece of your Soul energy. Would you like to lose it or would you rather bring it back home, to your Soul? Your choice!

During this workshop, in a very safe space you’ll discover how and why you create aspects. By recognizing them, you can now see how they are running your day-to-day life and also how you can bring them back into the “I Am” essence only through conscious, gentle breath. This process can be very challenging and intense but also very liberating. Also, you will discover how you can consciously create new aspects that allow you to attract the New Energy potentials that are ready to manifest in your reality.

Resolution might happen in the blink of an eye and the potential is there for anyone; nevertheless, each person is unique and develops at his/her own rate. Genuine commitment to yourself and willingness to let go of your „story” are decisive factors for a breakthrough, for a shift. The class itself is a process that starts even before you are aware you’ll attend it and it will continue long after it’s over, therefore you might experience some challenging moments. Make sure you do your conscious breathing to ease the process. 
Are you ready to discover who you really are, the authentic You?  If you are, there is no better time than Now!
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Master your Body – New ways to experience your body. The body might be the most precious gift we’ve ever given to ourselves, as we could not experience living on Earth otherwise. Yet, most of the time we take it for granted and many “new agers” even disconsider it in their pursuit for “enlightenment”.

Issues such as personal and family karma; mass consciousness and belief systems; outside energies and most of all our own aspects generate in time deep, irreversible physical diseases.   Obviously there are signs of previous unbalances but they are frequently disregarded.

During the spiritual awakening process, the body is also quite challenged as many physical symptoms are experienced; the massive quantity of old energy that’s releasing on Earth right now as well as the new energy that is created, might also have an effect on a tired, unbalanced body; not being present in your body, astral projection experiences create physical problems as well.

How well do you know and trust your body? This is a question you’ll find answers for, during this workshop.

It’s not an event that allows you to be absent or to just stay, be quiet and listen. We encourage you to fully open up to your senses and feelings, expand your consciousness and experience your biology in New Energy ways.
Master your Body is meant to provide you the tools we discovered and used in our own enlightenment process, tools that you can also use to improve your well being and/or to overcome obstacles in your life.

There will be plenty of energies to play with, to dance with, to breathe with. You will put energy in motion and allow it to flow freely, just for you! Challenges and fun included and guaranteed!

Are you ready to rebalance your body without the need of force (affirmations, positive thinking, self-control, etc.) of the mind? Now is the time!

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Note: Those taking mood altering, psychotropic or psychotherapeutic medications are not eligible to participate in these workshops.
Disclaimer: The ideas, suggestions and information contained in these workshops are provided for informational purposes only and should not be relied as legal, medical, psychiatric or other professional advice of any nature. These classes are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 

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If you want to organize one of these unique workshops in your hometown, please contact us.
In other towns but Bucharest the minimum number of attendees is 6, in other countries but Romania the minimum number of attendees is 10.