Crimson Circle Workshops

Crimson Circle  is a global affiliation of New Energy spiritual teachers and is also  known as the Classroom of the New Spiritual Energy. Often referring to themselves as Shaumbra, CC affiliates work with the dynamics of psycho-spiritual empowerment and enlightenment, integrating our personal divinity and humanity, and embracing God within. The Crimson Circle is about discovering that You Are God Also, and experiencing life with a new sense of purpose and passion.

The Crimson Circle began in 1999 based on the inspired messages of Tobias, who  is best known for his lifetime over 2500 years ago as portrayed in the apocryphal Book of Tobit.

For 10 years he brought his messages, wisdom and humor through Geoffrey Hoppe to assist those who are going through the process of in-body spiritual transformation, and those who choose to be New Energy teachers. On July 19, 2009 he returned on Earth in human form, being replaced by Adamus Saint-Germain, another member of the Crimson Council, an angelic teaching order dedicated to the growth and evolution of All That Is.

Advanced Studies is the global affiliation of New Energy teachers who are trained and certified to teach the Crimson Circle materials. Over 300 CC teachers currently conduct workshops around the world in key spiritual subjects such as death, birth and ascension (DreamWalker Schools); issues such as physical abuse and psychic manipulation, or “energy stealing” and self love (Sexual Energy School); dealing with mass-consciousness belief systems and how to create your own reality (New Energy Synchrotize); “aspects of Self” and how these aspects can sometimes become fragmented or wounded causing unbalances in one’s life and how can they be reintegrated (Aspectology).

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These are the Crimson Circle workshops that I present:

Understanding physical and psychic abuse

This workshop is generally experienced as one of the most intense and transformational of all the CC workshops.
It includes six channeled sessions with Tobias of the Crimson Council through Geoffrey Hoppe on DVDs, and instructor-led activities and discussions.

In this workshop, Tobias speaks about physical, psychic and sexual abuse and manipulation (energy stealing) and provides detailed information about how you can release deeply imbedded energetic wounds and begin enjoying life in a new way.
The process of energy stealing is compared to the workings of a virus, (in this case a sexual energy virus) and is something that affects all of us. The key to healing this virus lies in the balancing of our masculine and feminine energies and the love of Self. An imbalance between these archetypical energies is what causes the problems not only in personal lives, but also in families, companies, schools, religious organizations and government.

During the workshop you will hear the spiritual history of how the virus came about, how it is manifesting itself in your daily life and how energies of abuse are used to control, manipulate and enslave. Through several intense personal exercises you will gain a deep understanding of the dynamics of energy stealing. The workshop will also offer you tools to rebalance your energies and help you remove this energy virus from your life. This workshop is ideal for:

  • Anyone whose life has been affected by abuse of any kind;
  • Those who desire to put an end to abuse and imbalanced energies in their lives;
  • Professional facilitators who work with these issues;
  • Anyone who wishes to understand inter-personal energy dynamics from a New Energy perspective.

Tobias’ answer regarding the name of the School:

The name was chosen very deliberately. First of all sex is a common thing for nearly every human and most other species. It is a natural and beautiful thing, but it’s energies have been distorted. You say the word sex and everybody gets uncomfortable, perhaps even a bit sweaty. They shouldn’t. They should be able to say sex, they should be able to talk about masculine and feminine energies. So, very deliberately I’ve asked that that word be in there.
Because there are people that say that they don’t have any sexual issues, or they haven’t been abused, but I have yet to meet a human face to face that haven’t had an abuse that eventually, eventually comes back into their sexual life. There could be physic abuse, but then it’s still come back sexually, doesn’t it? It all takes you away from loving yourself.

So therefore, anybody who doesn’t totally love themselves is undergoing on a type of abuse. And it has it’s seat in sexuality.  And it takes away from the humans interpersonal sexual relationship. 
Sex, remember, sex it’s not only about the body. Sex is in the mind, sex is in the spirit. Relationship with yourself isn’t just in your physical body, is in every part of you.  So therefore yes, absolutely, it is about sexual energies. And no matter people say or do, just that title touches them, touches a very, very core issue.   
It comes a point to these titles where becomes intellectual or mental and sex – sexual, either one of those terms, is not at all. It touches emotions when you say it.”

Find here an audio presentation of the School (in Romanian) and here a short video presentation on YouTube.
Adamus Saint-Germain’s

The Beauty of Death… 

Every human experiences a series of transitions in their life. The greatest of them are Birth, Spiritual Awakening and Death.

We all die, yet Death is a word that brings out a lot of fear and soreness! Therefore these questions have been in everybody’s mind since the beginnings of times: Is there an After Life? What happens after I die?

When it comes to dying, religions, and even New Age sources of information, do not always provide convincing or satisfying answers to practical questions, and many times people who are dying are left on their own. Consequently, for too many people dying is a lonely and fearful process.

These questions and many others related to the death transition are answered by Adamus St. Germain as channeled by Geoffrey Hoppe in the Dreamwalker Death Transition School.

In this three-day workshop detailed information is provided about what happens before, during and after you transition. By the end of the workshop you will have a completely new and different view of death as well as life.

The Schools also offers the opportunity to become a DreamWalker. The transition can be a particularly lonely and discomforting time for anyone. Therefore, the ideal situation for he who leaves Earth would be to have a trained guide to escort him through the confusion of the non-physical realms.

This is what DreamWalkers do. They help their client gently release the physical body, then safely and joyfully hold their energy in the non-physical Earth realms throughout the transition period and funeral process. Finally, the DreamWalkers will guide the client to the Bridge of Flowers, where angels escort them on the final portion of their transition journey.

You can choose to attend this School in order to ease your own transition process and/or to help others.

The School includes an actual DreamWalking experience under the surveillance of the angelic beings as well as guidance and certification for DreamWalking as a professional DreamWalker Death Facilitator.

Find  here   a short video presentation of this workshop on YouTube.

If you want to organize one of these unique workshops in your hometown, please contact us.
In other towns but Bucharest the minimum number of attendees is 4, in other countries but Romania the minimum number of attendees is 8.