Dreamwalker Death Facilitator

Welcome back Home!

Every human experiences a series of transitions in their life. The greatest of these are Birth, Spiritual Awakening and Death. These journeys can be lonely and difficult for even the strongest man or woman because of the deep transformations that occur within.

We all die. In spite of this simple fact, our society harbors deep-seated fears and anxieties about death. People don’t like to talk about it. It’s taboo. Many consider death a weakness or punishment.

The funeral service traditionally marks the end of the journey on Earth. But it is also the beginning of a new journey for the one who just died. Whatever we might think, one’s life does not end in the moment the person leaves the physical body. The spirit lives on in the non-physical realms.

Due to my experience, I know that this transition might often be very challenging, particularly lonely and discomforting for anyone. What happens in these realms varies, depending on one’s beliefs and convictions, levels of awareness and relationship with one’s Soul, the inner divinity.

Therefore, the ideal situation for the one that leaves would be to have a guide trained to escort him or her through the confusion of the non-physical realms. A guide, a companion,  another human angel that constantly offers compassion, comfort and  tranquility, truly changes the experience in the other realms.

This is what a Guide in the Other World (DreamWalker) does.  A Dreamwalker is a loving, compassionate beacon of light in, what can often be, a confusing and dark time.  This is what I, as a certified DreamWalker, do. I am there to comfort and support you. I provide the safe, balanced space during your transition into the Other World.
Then, if you so choose, I can guide you to the Bridge of Flowers, the cross-over point to the highest angelic realms. This is where the purest of angels – your celestial family – greets and welcomes you back Home.

This isn’t a religious process. Whether you are Christian, Jewish, Muslim, or even if you don’t have any specific beliefs about afterlife, I am there to be a guide and a point of comfort for your journey. A journey that starts before the physical departure and brings out your deepest and most profound emotions.

This a wonderful gift that you could offer to yourself or/and your loved ones. Knowing the person you love is not alone in this journey may be a great joy and relief. Moreover, knowing that the loved ones you leave behind can reach the total acceptance and compassion so they can release the suffering, the sadness and the tears, gives you great courage to let go of this world and to move forward.

You may choose to prepare yourself for this journey as long as you are still here on Earth, or, you may choose to be guided after you leave your physical body.

This is a unique experience that brings inner peace, confidence and happiness to all, the one who leaves and the ones that stay. As a DreamWalker, I am very grateful to share with you this special experience, this special time in the Other World. Do you allow yourself to receive this gift?