Private Sessions

Many people on Earth are going right now through a very deep and transformational process of their lives. This brings forth very intense emotions such as fear, frustration, anger, anxiety, confusion, doubts that might be difficult to deal with. Some people will decide to control them, other will choose to disregard them and just a few are brave enough to allow themselves to trustfully go through the awakening and enlightenment process.

These private sessions are designed for you, the ones who are keen and ready to go beyond this grand illusion of the reality we live in and discover a new way of living. Are you tired to struggle with your life, your body or mind with almost no results? Are you tired to look everywhere for answers and solutions and find nothing? Are you tired of control, old belief systems and boxes to live in? If your answer is Yes, if you are truly ready to move forward, then these sessions are for you.

My role during these sessions is to provide guidance and assistance through the transformation process, to help you reconnect with your Soul, your Divine Self in order to find your own answers, your own solutions and your own truth.

We’ll create together a safe space where you can gently open up and allow yourself to feel in a new way. The experiences you encounter may be sometimes difficult and scaring or seem to have no particular meaning.

Conscious, loving and compassionate breath is the most powerful and blessed tool to work with, in the New Energy. It is the missing link that connects you to your Divine Self, simply because it is the natural breath! It activates the energy source within and it allows you to find the answer to any problem you might have, either is a dysfunctional relationship, an addiction or a physical/mental imbalance.

Step by step I will guide you to observe and to feel what is really happening inside and outside yourself. Considering that I have already gone through a similar process, the experience and awareness I achieved help me to expand beyond the mental analysis of things. I am an energy feeler therefore I can guide you to feel for yourself the energies behind your actions, choices or decisions. Old belief systems, blockages and parts of you (aspects) that actually control your day to day life will be felt, acknowledged and then released and/or fully integrated through compassionate breath.

Breathing allows the stuck energies to move freely in your body, mind and spirit, brings back the balance within and helps you to integrate all aspects of yourself. Balance is the true nature of all energies. A balanced and integrated being is a creator. You can create your own reality, in harmony with the passion of your Soul rather than live in a reality created for you by others.

There are no standard sessions, patterns or age limitations. It is never too premature or too late to start a relationship with yourself. Therefore, each one of you can reach that harmonious state of being that allows you to enjoy life in a new way. It is entirely your choice if you want to actually live or you just want to survive in these challenging times!

Do you allow yourself to open up and receive?

Contact me if you want to make an appointment to any of the below mentioned sessions:

Individual sessions/couples/ children and parents/children                90 min

Telephone or online sessions                                                                        60 min

One day session                                                                       10:00 a.m – 5:00 p.m

Disclaimer: My facilitation and seminars are NOT a substitute for medical or psychological counseling given by an accredited person – but may well be chosen in addition at any time.