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Some of you might found the passion in sharing your experiences with the loved ones who just begin this journey and need a guide to deal with the “chaos” they are in. Others feel your experiences could be of help for those who still look for answers or a new way of expression and manifestation. Some of you might want to include short sessions of conscious breath in the seminars and workshops you already present. For you we organize the Conscious Breath Teacher Training classes, in which we share the wisdom and experience we achieved throughout many years of activity.


Conscious Breath Teacher Training

Those of you who have chosen Change and start to walk on the spiritual path towards „I am” are very well aware of the significance and benefits of the Conscious  Breath/Breath of Compassion and the vital role this is playing during the entire process.

As you probably have already discovered, a spiritual journey is based on sharing experience rather than information. Therefore, in this class we share with you the wisdom, knowledge and experience we achieved during years of working with clients and students. Throughout these years we came to a conclusion: there is no technique, no method out there that can come even close to the compassionate, conscious breath in terms of results and benefits. Why? Because this breath is part of us, is who we really are. It has its own rhythm, our rhythm, is natural and far from manipulation and control.

This class includes an extensive practice segment that provides you the opportunity to go beyond the student position into the facilitator/teacher position. This experience is very challenging as we will encourage you to go through and then surpass some of your limitations and get outside your comfort zone in order to allow the true Self to manifest and express.

You will be taught how to work with a client or a group of students; how to face and resolve the unavoidable challenging; how to guide a group through compassionate breath; what particular issues to pay attention to during a class or a private session; how to guide clients beyond their own aspects. We will present various situations we encountered along the way and provide you with solutions for different type of clients and students. Moreover, you will discover the benefits this new position brings into your own life. Being more than just a class, this experience will be special, intense and very challenging. We look forward to share it with you!

People wake up and they need guidance. It’s time to move on and be a guide, a facilitator and a true standard for those who look for answers and solutions. Are you ready to step forward? If this is your genuine desire, then this event is addressed to you!
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Contact us if you want to organize this workshop in your hometown or home country.
In other towns but Bucharest the minimum number of attendees is 4, in other countries but Romania the minimum number of attendees is 8.