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You will be happy to find here lots of “Shaumbra”products so to speak, from books and audio CDs to CC workshops presented all over the world. Most of the materials presented by Tobias, Adamus or Kuthumi can be downloaded online and translations in many languages are available. Enjoy!


Personal Study Courses

Transformational and in-depth experiences offered over 2 or 3 days. Most include a Personal Study Guide in PDF format to assist the listener in integrating the information offered by Tobias, Adamus and Kuthumi.

Journey of the Angels

The Journey of the Angels is a spiritual epic, the story of creation that’s never been told before, shared with us now by a real angel. It’s the explanation and understanding of Creation from A – Z. More than just words, Journey of the Angels is an experience of awakening and remembrance.

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Standard Technology

“Standard TechnologyTM is the ability to heal yourself with your own natural rejuvenation systems. Tobias and Adamus Saint-Germain discuss principles of energy dynamics, and new understandings of how you can literally heal yourself. They introduce the spiritual science of New Energy physics.

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New Energy Synchrotize

Synchrotize helps a person look at their beliefs and overlays, then release those they no longer accept. Using the simple tools offered by Adamus Saint-Germain, a person can easily learn how to make their own conscious choices and place these in their reality landscape.

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Interdimensional Living

In this course Adamus St. Germain gives in-depth presentations on what dimensions are, how to perceive and experience them and how they can serve you in your life. As you go through it, you will begin to reawaken the five angelic senses that have been dimmed over many lifetimes on Earth.

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What’s Missing?

Kuthumi dives right into the topic: What’s missing from your life? He talks about the “crisis of consciousness” that takes place on Earth right now and the “absence of Self” that is so prevalent among humans. It is about integration of the Self and bringing your divine Essence into every facet of your life.

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Dreamwalker Birth

Adamus Saint-Germain teaches expectant parents how to develop a deep, spiritual connection with their baby long before actual delivery and even before conception. The entire process of conception, pregnancy and birth can be much smoother and more fulfilling, eliminating much pain and trauma.

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Special Topics

These sessions generally consist of 1-3 channels and offer valuable and profound information from Tobias, Adamus and Kuthumi on many aspects of current human life.

Probabilities and Potentials

Adamus states that we can change the destiny of our own probabilities right now. When we expand beyond the reality tube, we have the potential to go beyond our probabilities.

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Yes, I am Enlightened

Kuthumi’s message gives a very personal insight about living as an enlightened Master on Earth. Particularly touching is when he tells the story of his physical departure from Earth.

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Angels and Aliens

Adamus talks about various angelic families and aliens and notes that some of these angels were drawn into the lives of humans due to the sensual nature of physical reality.

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The Alchemy of Light and Dark

Adamus talks about light and dark and the alchemy of their integration. He also discusses what’s happening in Shaumbra dreams and tells a story of Yeshua and Mary Magdalene.

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Depression is one of the major issues encountered by nearly every awakening human in their spiritual journey. Now, Tobias offers new insights about the nature of spiritual depression, and how to move through it.

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Relationships are one of the biggest challenges with spiritual workers today. He answers questions on how to find a New Energy relationship or the importance of having time without a relationship.

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Biological Rejuvenation

In this dynamic session, Tobias and Ohamah answer questions about physical health issues and tapping into the body’s innate healing abilities. Tobias talks about how we designed the body to heal and repair itself.

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Tobias talks about how the human physiology has an imbedded “pleasure network.” It was designed to keep our angelic energy grounded in the physical body, but has ultimately opened the door for addictions.

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Mental Imbalance

When does “stress” turn into “imbalance”? Tobias talks about the reasons behind mental imbalance, mental illness and mental retardation. He discusses Karma, Chosen Experience, and Atlantian “headbands.”

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On Death and Dying

In this fascinating session, Tobias and Adamus Saint-Germain talk about the history of death and death care, why we die, and how to create a deeply honoring experience for those in transition.

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The Energy of Food

Tobias talks about “eating with consciousness” in order to convert food to it’s simplest and purest energy for the body. He says it is time to allow biology to transmute the energy within the food.

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Aspectology, according to Tobias, is the study and understanding of the multitude of Aspects of ourselves. Tobias talks about how the many layers and levels of Aspects can create chaos and confusion.

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