At a certain moment in life I felt that I walk to a dead end of my road. Panic, frustration and sadness felt in my mind. What shall I do with the remaining years of my life? How do I fill in these years? I thought I solved this issue but now these thoughts are coming back again?

 After contacting Lucieta via Skype I was determined to fly to Bucharest for a few days to attend her private sessions. The first day: It seems like everything prohibited me to visit Lucieta! My plane has got delayed, it was not clear which bus I had to take, the hotel room was not ready, check in trouble, taxi not cooperative and finally I found a nice taxi driver who brought me to Lucieta. In the first day sessions many things about myself got very clear to me.

The second day I was hesitating to go. My mind told me not to go and my soul told me go, go! I knew that I will change into a new person. But am I able to transform into that new person? Walking  towards Lucieta I was meditating and enjoying the sunlight which  charged me for the next sessions of this day. After talking we start a breathing session. One word: amazing! It was Amazing! I was in myself.  My whole body was bubbling, I felt the energies.

The third day when I woke up I felt amazing! When I looked into the mirror I saw a handsome guy and I had a big smile and said “what a great guy there”, talking to myself. Yes I love myself and this is great. Ever since I told this to many people and I do not really care what they think about it because I feel great. Finally I woke up and I understand what it means to love yourself!

This third and last day sessions I report to Lucieta what happened with me, I feel great! We talked and I had again a breathing session. My body was warm and my muscles were tight. I felt the energies coming into my body. Now I am capable to know what I want to do with my life. I am not really sure yet, but I trust myself that I will definitely know.

Lucieta knows very well what she’s doing, it is very pleasant to attend her private sessions! It was worth it to fly to her because she helped me to change and order my life by finding myself. Thank you, Lucieta!
Yvor Wald, Maastricht – Netherlands

This Journey (the online Journey/class: Discover, Experience and Live The New & New Energy) brought me lots of gifts. The clarifications and deep releases gave me such a wonderful sense of Freedom that led me to a totally New Attitude towards myself.

The highest peak has been the meeting with the New Energy (by myself as well as channeled), which was beyond words. I felt myself enclosed and carried into a dance of joy and love through this magical land of  The New. Now I do know the reason why I decided to be a part of this experience! I want to thank all the participants in this great and new adventure.
And the Journey continues with… Module 2!
Mariana G, Bucharest

This journey changed my life (the online Journey/class: Discover, Experience and Live The New & New Energy).
I thought this class was going to be as ordinary as others I participated in and, up to a point, it will have some influence upon me. Yet, I never imagined…

I never imagined I was going to breathe that much; I never imagined I was going to have so many experiences to share; I never imagined I was going to discover so many new things; I never imagined how fast the results are going to manifest; I never imagined I was going to feel such energies; I never imagined I was going to face thousand years old dormant energies, guardians of padlocks I never knew existed; but above all, I never imagined how many steps I was going to make towards my freedom, towards becoming I Am.
Horatiu C, Bucharest

First of all, I’m so grateful that I’ve met you! You are the greatest teachers I’ve ever had, so clear, wise, space giving.

At first I attended Tobias’ Sexual Energies School, it turned upside down (and inside out) my whole perception of feeling and seeing everything. I cut off every toxic relationships in my environment and for the first time in my life it wasn’t a fight, with guilt trip after. It`s ok now, so natural. I don’t lose my energy on so many dramatic stories,  simplicity became truth after all. But when this big change was happening- 2-3 months after SES – I didn’t realize it’s going to be so big and deep, related to every aspect of my life.  All those life changes are so simple, natural and joyful for me. For the first time, I have the best relationship ever, I moved back to Poland and I am in peace! Of course, everyday I’m learning to expand my perception and finally learned how not to get into other people stories. I stay away and watch, it’s the best lesson I could learn.

8 months after SES I attended St Germain’s Dreamwalker Death Transition School, I didn’t even know why at first. Today I know why.

I always wanted to have a choice – as a free human being- to go and not get stuck in some place where I wouldn’t like to stay. It’s hard to write about this experience because there are too many feelings I’d like to share at once. It`s like remembering again this part of me, like a free spirit, which doesn’t depend on this life, and reality only. My consciousness expanded (as you said) and I’m not so attached to everything around me. I feel so peaceful, understanding many past events in life (lives rather).

Thanks to you this process continues every day and it`s stable, because during the workshops you can lead people through “the worst” experiences with understanding, space giving and compassion. (P.S: Dear Lucieta, when I see You, your eyes, your power, I feel perfectly safe, can let go of myself. I feel and know, that both of you are aware what to do in the moment).

Walking this path is the best choice I’ve ever made for myself. Now I’m learning and starting to know – how it feels when you love yourself. Thanks to you, I could bare this revealing pain, hidden deep, when old layers of memories, experiences were coming back to me. I could breathe and get through this without drama. It was more like watching an old movie. Sometimes it was harder but I’m still balanced inside whatever comes.

An example: after 7 years I forgot about my anniversary, when I finished chemo and radiotherapy because of cancer.  This whole thing doesn`t bring any emotions. I remember it, but no strings attached anymore. That’s big for me. I`m focused on creative things. I’ve dreamed about this and it’s happening. What can I say, laughter came back into my life!!
Agnieszka S, Poland

DreamWalker Death was for me an extraordinary journey. I’d like to once again thank both of you, dear Lucieta and Andrei for your great leadership, you are wonderful teachers.  For me, death has never been terrifying. I was always aware that there is something beyond, and leaving the body is like going through another door. Yet inside of me remained a hunch that once out there, it is not so simple.

DWD Workshop not only confirmed my assumption but also allowed me take a remarkable journey through all of the stages up to the bridge of flowers. The only words that at least partially can express the atmosphere of this experience are “mystical” and “sacred.” The mind can not comprehend this experience… it’s all about feeling, consciousness … and it’s exquisitely beautiful.

DWD workshop not only helped me find “the Way Home,” but also changed something inside of me – caused my Self to be more complete.
Janina W – Gdansk, Poland

Dear Lucieta, thank you very much for a wonderful time and a transforming course! (Dreamwalker Death Teacher Training).  Lucieta is very skilled in the material and gave many useful suggestions and advises based on her own experience in teaching the course. A good listener, asking me many relevant questions. There was a very loving and safe space and I enjoyed being with her.

Thank you for all your help, making the course a reality and for a wonderful time with you and Silvia! I am grateful for all that you shared with me of your experiences and insights! And thank you for holding the safe space for a very healing Dreamwalk, I have landed much more of me again! Blessings to you,
Bettina Maria Weigel, Denmark

Dear Lucieta and Andrei, I am very, very grateful to you for showing us – those who forgot – the way into the Paradise within, and for accompanying us in our first steps on it. Thanks to your skills and safe space, we could get acquainted with what “sits” deep within us. We could peacefully look into, accept, become friends and fall in love with IT – Divine Essence of Who We Are. Thanks to Lucas’ wonderful translating everything was clear and without understatements. Also the hotel you chose was beautiful and we felt almost adored by the friendliness of the chef and staff – it made us feel great!

And while on “this wave”, during my journey home I experienced “little miracles” – despite many transfers the trip proceeded very peacefully – 16-hours bus ride was nice. My children welcomed me very well, despite the fact that they were against me attending the workshop. Also, the next day, when I was traveling by tram from work I found a direct connection home, even though it was never an option before – I always had to switch from one tram to another… I also found, literally “on the street,” an antique-style table…

When I came home, it immediately became clear to me “what does not play” – and there was lots of it. Awareness of who I am and what I’ve learned about myself, helped me to not lose courage and just live on, step by step, breath by breath, usually in dignity and peace… I’ve arrived to such a level within myself, where everything becomes still and solemn, where I  make decisions and let everything serve me. When I manage to “get there”, miracles start to happen and everything is  flowing.

Initially, while practicing A……a I had huge waves of sadness come up, then deep pain and finally feelings of sensitivity, emotion of being touched to tears, gratitude and love for myself and my body. Whatever comes up I just embrace it with my breath and it changes into acceptance of All That Is and love for All That I Am.

Sometimes it’s funny too, when while stroking myself I encounter – ha, ha – the “balloon” of my belly, where “from the navel down” it shifts through “the hills and valleys” – ha, ha! Days are flowing fast and actually I’m not doing anything special, my job and other obligations have kind of lost their importance – they aren’t so poignant anymore, yet still intense. And, somehow, I just Am…

Of course there are moments, when I “go out of myself” and feel worried about things in my everyday life, but each time there comes a point that I recognize that and I’m saying to myself, “Stop! Take a break… breathe, yes… gently… into the belly… deeper… yes… here I am again.”

I’m very grateful that I’ve let myself to attend Tobias’ Sexual Energies School.
The question, “How do I love myself?” have been accompanying me for a long time, and A……a has become yet another answer – very simple, effective and so marvelous! I think that every newly born human should be thought this – literally receive it with its mother’s milk. And nowadays only few know about it – it should be part of schools’ program since kindergarten. It is the very vital understanding about one’s self, in my opinion!

And so I thank you dear Lucieta and dear Andrei, I give my thanks to all of the SES attendees for our shared experience of being who we truly are. With Love,
Victoria Hammernick, Germany

I want to thank you both once again for an amazing experience that we shared together. I still catch myself on going back to the moments we spent and what amazing moments they were indeed!

The experience I have had with Lucieta and Andrei in the very first Crimson Circle School presented in Poland, that I had the honor and the gift of blessing to host it, is an ongoing journey.

It was Tobias’ Sexual Energies School workshop that not only was very profound and “intense in a good way” but also a great deal of FUN. There is that tendency that I always possessed, to make things more difficult and serious than they actually need to be – no more of that!

These teachers DO know how to move energy and deal with “issues” and drama in a way only a true Standard of Crimson Council can.
I have simply no words to express my gratitude and true love I have for both of you and I am looking forward to work & play with you again. Transformation occurs with ease, how about that?
Lukasz S – Radom, Poland

Few years ago I started to experience deep transformations within which seemed so terrifying that I couldn’t possible understand or explain them. In time, these transformations became more and more severe so I realized that I needed someone to guide me.

Things have just developed in a natural way and “accidentally” I found out about Lucieta. My life has evolved in a different direction since, a direction that I couldn’t have imagined before.
If I look backward, I realize that Lucieta was next to me all the way…
At the time, she’s been for me the “master that appears when the student is ready”, but now she is much more than that, she is a real friend.

There are few people you can talk to on many levels, people whom you can tell your deepest fears and secrets without being afraid of judgment, and for me Lucieta is one of them.
It was not easy to accept all the things she was telling me every time we met, I did not want to let go the control I believed I had over my personal life or the victimhood state that it was so easy for me to get in. Step by step, breath by breath, I learnt to accept that in order to start living in a new way one has to let go the old ways of doing things, the old belief systems that are not useful any longer. It was exactly what Lucieta had told since our first meeting…

Looking backward, one thing became a certainty for me: No one else can change our lives, no one else can live and experience for us and although people might give us lots of suggestions and advice they cannot make decisions and choices for us.

Now, it is clear for me that is a thousand times easier to go through all this process when you have someone beside you. A person who is there only for you, who uses the personal experience to help you, a person who is an authentic example.
I believe few people understand what this work really means and how much dedication is required in order to help some one to such a profound level.
So, for everything you did for me my dear Lucieta, THANK YOU!
Horatiu C, Bucharest

It is difficult to put in words what Dreamwalker Death Transition School brought to me, but it definitely changed my life. The experience of DWD is unique. I am now more conscious about who I really am and I am more present in my everyday life. I feel intensively each day, each choice, each experience. DWD also helped me to integrate some of my personal aspects and to expand my consciousness beyond this 3D reality.

It is a wonderful feeling to give your love and understanding to another soul and to guide it Home, through a transition process that is not always very easy. Meanwhile, the guide herself received so many exquisite gifts….
I recommend this School to any person who dares to melt into the greatness of Self and travel beyond the limitations of this reality, far away into the Unknown, guided by only his/her heart and feelings.

Lucieta is without a doubt, a very passionate New Energy Teacher. We all felt the love she has for the work she does; she gracefully created the safe space for us and she answered all our questions, even before they were asked. She is friendly and relaxed, I sensed her a friend and a teacher in the same time. Bravo! Bravo for Andrei too! He also created the safe space for us and he shared his knowledge and understandings regarding this transition process.

They are both wonderful teachers and I recommend them to anyone who chooses to attend this School. I feel them very close to my heart and soul.
Thank you both for you have chosen to be who you are, and I also thank myself for I chose to participate in this amazing School.
Diana C, Bucharest

THANK YOU so much Lucieta and Andrei for bringing the finest gift I have ever received, Tobias’ Sexual Energies School and New Energy Integration Workshop, right to my door-step here in Bergen!!

I am speechless and am still savoring the benefits of both workshops. For the first time after having attended a workshop I came back home full of energy and I’m still going strong. Only one other time did it happen before and that’s when I came back from Crimsons Masters in Amsterdam last year.

Not only is my house in perfect order but my garden is too! I’ve worked at it for 2 weeks now all day long and even painted the walls. I am so ready for everything now and feel I can do just about anything too. Most of all it is sensational to feel so in touch with myself, I really love myself, so thank you for helping me to feel that again

I’m so very pleased to have met you and had the privilege of both of your teaching skills; you truly do complement each other perfectly. All in all, I would definitely sign up for other workshops with you any time again. So let me know when you come back so I can do some serious breathing with you!
Tina Elin Lerøy – Bergen, Norway

The last 5 years I couldn’t breath properly. Sometimes my breath stopped and I had a panic until it started again.  After Tobias’ Sexual Energies School and two private breathing sessions with Lucieta, I started breathing again that means I started living again.

In the seminar I realized, why I had some things happened in my life; also I recognized the “virus”. I decided to let them go, and to allow myself to live, to feel and to honor all my aspects. So now, after these two breathing sessions I start my life again and I “breath” every day.

Thank you Lucieta for your compassion, your passion and the joyful moments that changed my life.”
Maria Grigoraki – Athens, Greece

I do not know if these words are eloquent enough for those who did not attend “Tobias’ Sexual Energies School yet, they may be important for those who decide to be part of this experience. After SES, I personally started to feel more and more intensively; I feel I integrate myself in who I really am; I feel I’m deeply transforming and yet, the process is still in progress.

I allowed myself to get out of my mind and let my essence to manifest in my present reality.

Regarding the choices, our own choices, I saw on many spiritual/Shaumbra websites, that people are complaining about the money they should spent for attending one of these Schools. I also decided some time ago that I will attend one of the Crimson Circle Schools when I have the financial means to do it. I thought I could not yet participate because, maybe, was not however appropriate for me. Nevertheless, I have chosen other workshops, less expensive, to participate at. Two of them have been presented by Lucieta. The second one was called “New Energy Abundance”. Believe it or not – it’s only up to you – the next day after this workshop a wonderful potential that opened the doors not only for one School but for all of them, have manifested into my life…  

This is what I’ve allowed myself to do: to choose from my heart rather than my mind…
Adrian N, Bucharest

If you read this it means that you are interested to know how it is to work with Lucieta. I can tell you that the only way you can find out is if you yourself work with her. For me she was a turning point in my life. She opened my eyes on various aspects and now I can safely say I Am. I used to let others take decisions for me and fear was one of my best friends. In everything I did I used to fear something. After working with her – for quite a while – I saw myself in a whole new way, I saw myself as the creator of my own life. It is great to see yourself changing and to be aware that it’s your own doing. I can only say that if you feel the need for a change and your heart tells you to WAKE UP, you can give yourself a chance. Thank you.
I. M, Bucharest