First of all, I’m so grateful that I’ve met you! You are the greatest teachers I’ve ever had, so clear, wise, space giving.

At first I attended Tobias’ Sexual Energies School, it turned upside down (and inside out) my whole perception of feeling and seeing everything. I cut off every toxic relationships in my environment and for the first time in my life it wasn’t a fight, with guilt trip after. It`s ok now, so natural. I don’t lose my energy on so many dramatic stories,  simplicity became truth after all. But when this big change was happening- 2-3 months after SES – I didn’t realize it’s going to be so big and deep, related to every aspect of my life.  All those life changes are so simple, natural and joyful for me. For the first time, I have the best relationship ever, I moved back to Poland and I am in peace! Of course, everyday I’m learning to expand my perception and finally learned how not to get into other people stories. I stay away and watch, it’s the best lesson I could learn.

8 months after SES I attended St Germain’s Dreamwalker Death Transition School, I didn’t even know why at first. Today I know why.

I always wanted to have a choice – as a free human being- to go and not get stuck in some place where I wouldn’t like to stay. It’s hard to write about this experience because there are too many feelings I’d like to share at once. It`s like remembering again this part of me, like a free spirit, which doesn’t depend on this life, and reality only. My consciousness expanded (as you said) and I’m not so attached to everything around me. I feel so peaceful, understanding many past events in life (lives rather).

Thanks to you this process continues every day and it`s stable, because during the workshops you can lead people through “the worst” experiences with understanding, space giving and compassion. (P.S: Dear Lucieta, when I see You, your eyes, your power, I feel perfectly safe, can let go of myself. I feel and know, that both of you are aware what to do in the moment).

Walking this path is the best choice I’ve ever made for myself. Now I’m learning and starting to know – how it feels when you love yourself. Thanks to you, I could bare this revealing pain, hidden deep, when old layers of memories, experiences were coming back to me. I could breathe and get through this without drama. It was more like watching an old movie. Sometimes it was harder but I’m still balanced inside whatever comes.

An example: after 7 years I forgot about my anniversary, when I finished chemo and radiotherapy because of cancer.  This whole thing doesn`t bring any emotions. I remember it, but no strings attached anymore. That’s big for me. I`m focused on creative things. I’ve dreamed about this and it’s happening. What can I say, laughter came back into my life!!

Agnieszka S, Poland